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Job Reference (05a9768c)

I am an electric wheelchair user who has mental health conditions and specific learning difficulties.
I live independently and require assistance to enable my independence and have a healthy and active quality of life. 
As my personal assistant, it is important that you respect my role as your employer and are able and willing to work with my direction.
Your job will be providing the physical and mental health assistance I need to enable me to be as fully independent as possible.
You must be willing to learn about your role as my personal assistant, respecting my privacy and dignity.
It’s imperative that you maintain confidentiality at all times in all areas of your work.
I will require support to access social and leisure activities, assistance with personal care tasks, mobility and paperwork.
This job is best suited to those who are confident in working on their own interactions with myself and others as required.

This role is for women only and is an occupational requirement of The Equality Act of 2010.

25 to 45 hours per week, plus additional hours for regular medical appointments as required. 
These hours may be covered by two personal assistants. Further details are available on request.
Additional personal assistance is required to cover annual leave.

As my personal assistant, you will be directed by and be accountable to me in all aspects of your work.
You will be expected to ask what my needs are and listen to my directions and requests as they come.
Personal issues will be negotiated through me. 
It is important to remember that to lead the most autonomous life possible, my needs will vary, therefore it is important that you are flexible about what the task involves and agree to want to take any other assistance that I require.
I truly value that my personal assistant should enable me to live my life as I wish.

You will assist me in:
Safely exiting the shower and getting dressed. 
Preparing meals based on my choice of foods, as healthy eating and nutrition are an important aspect of this role.
All domestic duties, including washing and general housework.
Assistance with shopping. 
Assistance with all paperwork and emails. 

Driving is my main mode of transport and it allows me to participate in various activities as well as complete household chores. 
It is essential that my personal assistant is comfortable driving my large wheelchair accessible vehicle. I will also need assistance in getting in and out of the vehicle. Nervousness or apprehension would be a detrimental effect on the performance of the driver and would therefore make it difficult for this part of the role to be successfully fulfilled. A manual driving license with a five year clean driving history is therefore required. 

Relevant training to secure the wheelchair will be provided.

There are no formal qualifications needed to complete this job. The majority of the tasks and assistance involved can be learned through the personal assistant and I working together. Where it is required, such as health and safety matters, practical training and guidance will be arranged and the personal assistant will be expected to attend.

Caregiving, one-year preferred.
Education, bachelors preferred.

Additional criteria:
  1. Excellent communication and active listening skills.
  2. Be flexible and reliable as it is vital that you are able to arrive for your shift promptly.
  3. Be patient and provide a calm and consistent approach even under pressure.
  4. Be open-minded and be able to see things from other peoples perspectives and to work in a variety of situations and environments.
  5. Take great pride in your work which will include good timekeeping and perseverance.
  6. Be self-motivated and have the ability to take a proactive role when required.
  7. Have a sense of humour and a mature attitude to your work
  8. I spend a lot of time in the company of my assistant, therefore it is vital you’re able to maintain a cheerful demeanour even when tired or fed up.

This post is subject to satisfactory enhanced DBS checks paid by the employer and references will be taken up only if you are offered a post.


Meal Preparation

Personal Care

Domestic Care

Social + Leisure activities

Support to remain independent


Essential PA Guide

Safeguarding Adults/Children

Moving & Handling

Understanding challenging behaviour

Food Hygiene

First Aid

Hand hygiene


Full UK driving license

Own personal car

Can drive a motability equipped car

Schedule, Pay & Hours
ONA = Overnight Awake / ONS = Overnight Sleep
Weekly Actual
Monthly Actual
Annual Actual
Annual FTE

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