Non-Recruiter Agreement

Updated on July 23, 2023

1.  Definitions and Interpretation

1.1  “Independent Living Organisation”, “ILO”or "Supporting Organisation" is any organisation that provides support to Employers and / or Candidates and may be user led and / or funded privately, or funded / operated / managed by a local authority or an NHS organisation.

1.2 “Agency”, “recruiter(s)” are individuals or organisations that are involved in any way in the recruitment, placement or management of Personal Care Assistants for Employers, in any capacity. For the purposes of this agreement, any ILO or individual employed by an ILO, that provides recruitment services will be treated as an agency, unless an active Supporting Organisation Commercial Agreement is in place with UKCIL Ltd.

2.  Non-Agency Confirmation

2.1 I confirm that I am an individual Employer/Service User, or responsible for a single Service User, and that I am using the Service to recruit a Personal Care Assistant solely for myself or a Single Service User in my care.

2.2 I understand that the use of by anyone who is acting as or is affiliated with a recruitment agency, ILO, or any organisation providing similar services, or receives any compensation for the recruitment of Personal Care Assistant, is strictly prohibited.

2.3 Specifically, I understand that if found to be in breach of this agreement, I agree to pay a general access fee of £5,000+VAT per month, invoiced net30, from the date of creation of the user account used.

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