PA to support 15 year old boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - LS28. 12 hours per week - Pudsey - LS2
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I am looking for somene who can make a difference in mine and my son's life. Someone who is motivated, positive and upbeat, who has kindness and patience, a good sense of humour, and who has the drive and determination to help him achieve some of his goals, and some of his personal care independently of his parents.

My son is a teenager living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is a degenerative, progressive and life-limiting condition affecting all the muscles in the body. He uses a powered wheelchair, cannot stand or walk, and has a limited range of movement, so experience in hoisting, moving and handling, and personal care is very important.
He has a great sense of humour, has a big personality, is fun to be with and is very creative. He is chatty and friendly. He does however tire easily and can become withdrawn, shy and upset when fatigued. He loves animals and art, music and media, and like most teenage boys, he loves gaming. 

The type of support I am looking for includes:
Helping with all aspects of personal care and bathing, as well as getting into and out of bed, getting dressed and undressed, with dignity. Some domestic help. Dispensation of medications.
Facilitating physical exercise/therapeutic stretches as instructed, putting sleep system equipment in place, sometimes putting on leg splints. Prompting and assisting with creative activities, arts and crafts, playing board games. Planning outings and errands in the local area, and helping him access friends and social activities. 

Total 12 hours per week  which can be split across two PAs (ideally Monday to Thursday bedtime/bathtime, alternate Friday evenings, and alternate Saturdays or Sundays for a few hours during the day)

  • Meal Preparation
  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Care
  • Administrating Medication
  • Social + Leisure activities
  • Support to remain independent
  • Safeguarding Adults/Children
  • Moving & Handling
  • Food Hygiene
  • Safe Administration of Medicines
  • First Aid
  • Hand hygiene
  • Own personal car

ONA = Overnight Awake / ONS = Overnight Sleep

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