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Personal Assistant needed to cover the books (cover shifts, unclaimed shifts).
Unfortunately this would mean a 0 hour contract to start out with. We do have a member of staff away for a minimum of three months due to an operation, this could also mean she won't return if unable to work which would then mean we can offer a 24hr a week contract. 

The care we offer is 24 hour assisted living in our clients own home in Southport we work 12 hour shifts on rotation including handover.

You would be expected to assist dave in keeping the house clean and up to standard i.e, washing dishes, hoovering, dusting, mopping. Making sure there's no trip hazards and is suitable for someone with a low immune system. 

Our client has a pet cocker spaniel which needs walking and feeding.

Our client would also need assistance making his meals, getting dressed and washed, moving from his wheelchair to either his bed or the sofa etc and further assistance would be needed for social and leisure activities such as going to town for a coffee or going to the gym. 

Lastly you would be required to administer medication and fill in hourly nursing notes and daily mars sheets as to keep a record off his health and controlled medication. 

Qualifications aren't 100% necessary as we can take you through basic training, though we do ask you have at least 3 years experience in care. 

Our client suffers with degenerative spinal condition and combustion in his lumbar spine resulting in numbness and nerve damage. This has left him wheelchair bound and also has resulted in him suffering complex PTSD. Our job is to make the clients day to day living experience safer and easier.
This being said, our client would like to remain as independent as possible and is capable of doing certain things on his own and ultimately just needs spotting/monitored round the clock.

Experience in health and hygiene plus manual handling preferred.

We are looking for someone who is confident and can handle high stress situations but can also maintain a positive mindset and keep a good sense of humour as you will be spending quite a bit of time with the client.
Please contact us at or 03330508010 to hopefully arrange an interview. 
Induction and training will be provided as well.

Meal Preparation

Personal Care

Domestic Care

Social + Leisure activities

Support to remain independent


Full UK driving license

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