PA to take out 15-year-old boy with mild learning disabilities on walks and trips, LS8 - LEEDS - LS8
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PA to take out 15-year-old boy with mild learning disabilities on walks and trips, LS8, 4 hrs pw, Saturday or Sunday

4 hours per week/£10 per hour/£40 per week

Leeds, LS8

PA required to take out lively, friendly and chatty 15-year-old boy on walks and excursions for 4 hours on Saturday or Sunday; additional hours may be available during school holidays. To start as soon as possible.

Background information: D is a friendly, polite, very talkative and active teenager. He responds well to ASD type strategies but sometimes finds it hard to remain calm. He has a great sense of humour and loves music, computers, being out of doors and spending time with friends and family.
He goes to special school and walks to school almost every day. His diagnosis is global developmental delay. He is physically active and a strong walker. He is at his best out of doors.  He can sometimes become anxious in new situations and benefits from preparation.


During Covid restrictions: to take D out on a walk, starting from and finishing at D’s house (LS8). Public transport is not to be used.

After Covid restrictions have been lifted: to take D out on an excursion/walk using public transport to places of interest, such as parks, museums, bowling, activity and leisure centres or to a designated activity (giving support if necessary). To help before and after the activity with getting ready/arriving home.

Skills required: 

We are looking for somebody who is friendly, enjoys conversation and who is a strong walker and enjoys exercise. We also need somebody who can draw boundaries – when D gets overexcited or overtired, he can get very loud and silly, including when out and about. He is generally sensible, but needs reminders about road safety and considerate behaviour, when overexcited or overtired. Loud noises or people behaving loudly make him anxious.

The applicant needs to be sensitive to D’s needs and feelings, communicate well with his mother and maintain confidentiality at all times.

An up-to-date DBS (or willingness to undergo one) check is essential.


Driver preferred but not essential.

  • Personal Care
  • Social + Leisure activities
  • Support to remain independent
  • Essential PA Guide
  • Safeguarding Adults/Children
  • First Aid
  • Hand hygiene

ONA = Overnight Awake / ONS = Overnight Sleep

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