A suitable PA for a young boy aged 9 in Leeds (LS9) - Leeds - LS9

Job Reference (9ad50230)

Do you want to make a difference for a young person with autism?

Would you enjoy supporting them to develop their independence and social skills? Are you able to commit to 4 hours of your time each week, weekend term time, with extra 4 hours in the school holidays?

Hourly Rate £12.40 per hour(gross) with 5.6 weeks pro rata holidays pro annum

What skills/ characteristics are required for the role? 
·         Age 18+
·         Reliable and committed to ensuring young person is happy, safe, has fun and can try and learn new skills.
·         Experience of working with children, SEND experience highly desirable.
·         To ensure young person is safe and always supervised.
·         Common sense and good communication skills.
·         Desirable – Driving Licence, Car owner. 

We are seeking for a suitable PA (personal assistant) for this young boy aged 9 in LS9 (Leeds) to support to access social & leisure activities. 

He has a diagnosis of Autism, he is usually pretty relaxed when outside of school and he likes knowing what he is doing and in what order. He particularly enjoys going to the trampoline park and soft play. He also enjoys going the park or a walk (e.g. around Roundhay). He loves food so anytime food is involved he is happy. He enjoys going shopping and he likes to hold a basket or push a trolley, he may take things of the shelf and look at you to see if you want it, simply saying 'no we don't need that', is enough for him to put it back. Showing him what you do need and allowing him to take it from the shelf and put it in the basket/trolley, usually keeps him happy. He also enjoys using the self-checkout and (with help) scanning the items himself. 

He needs reminding/prompting to use the toilet, It’s usually best if you give him a warning like (this now, toilet next/ this now, then toilet), he will let you know if he doesn't need it and is usually pretty anxious around using the toilet but will go in his own time when taken into a large disabled toilet bathroom (he may be particularly anxious/need a warning that we need to close the door behind us before he can use the toilet).  

Also, when out with him it helps to use a backpack with reins as he may try to run if he is uncomfortable in a situation.  He, is usually pretty good at staying with his adult, and enjoys wearing the backpack which can be filled with fidget toys/some of his favourite things. He also loves drawing so taking a drawing pad with you is helpful if you are sat for any length of time.

He is anxious around most animals but wants to touch dogs until they come near to him. He usually keeps himself to himself when in an environment with other children but may get frustrated if they are not patient with him. He also doesn't like crying so It’s bests to try distracting him if a child is crying in public and/or telling him that the child is ok. He does not have any awareness of danger, therefore must be supervised at all times.


Personal Care

Social + Leisure activities


Safeguarding Adults/Children

Understanding challenging behaviour

Autism / Aspergers

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