Personal Assistant Employed P/T flexible 12.5h/wk @ £10.00/hr gross in Bath BA2 - BATH - BA2
Job Reference (8a83b709)
Personal Assistant
Required for 81-year old man with mixed dementia, for supporting him in place of his spouse: managing his toilet needs and personal care including washing him, his clothes and bedding and hanging out to dry (re-making bed with linen provided), and brushing and flossing teeth, nutrition, safety, maintaining a habitable home environment, combined with memory and physical-movement prompting for basic thought processes, daily tasks and walking about the home and outside a little including to/from the nearby car, and maintaining family relationships including interactions with his disabled (autistic) daughter. 
a) Car driver ideal, with full clean UK driving licence, unless b) able to reliably walk or use public transport to us:-
-(a) If you have a car, the gentleman has a Blue Badge for use while in his service (nearby street parking is easy).
-(b) If you are using public transport, we are just off the Lower Bristol Road opposite LIDL in Bath. Buses run along here all the time from Bristol and within Bath.

Hours: mornings around 10am for 1.5-2h flexible in case of weekend away - average 12.5h per week.
Rate of pay £10.00 per hour gross.

Tasks include:
The ideal candidate will be physically resilient, and have a calm but firm manner. 
Ideally the PA will have experience and understanding (this can be personal or professional). One does not have to be a strong person physically to do the job, but general good health and fitness are considered to be an advantage. Training will initially be provided, by the spouse (the Employer) who is the client’s representative (LPA) and who is working as a trainee lawyer, for the present often from home as well as managing the needs of their disabled daughter. Note that the spouse’s presence in the home (working) does not mean that she is available to help beyond the initial training, but she will advise when she notices feedback and further training are appropriate and needed. Generally this means that the PA will take notes mentally or on paper in order to remember tasks as they arise. Immediate start for the right candidate. 

Other Responsibilities: 
· Punctuality: Arrive at the scheduled time, ready to start work.  Let me know if you are going to be more than 10 minutes late but as much as possible advance notice if need to be absent, to enable temporary replacement to be found (if possible).
· Confidentiality:  The gentleman will need you to respect his privacy.  Many problems can arise from casual conversation about the care and assistance that you give. Maintain a professional approach at all times.
· Good Attitude: appreciate the strains and stresses involved for the gentleman, his spouse who represents him, and the effect this can have on their acceptance of your help. You should respect the possessions and equipment in their home.  Use of the telephone, heating, television, radio etc. are at their discretion.
· Training: Training will be available in certain key areas.  You should be prepared to accept training as beneficial to the gentleman for all the activity he was used to doing beforehand. This includes being aware and accepting of his disabled (autistic) daughter from his point of view. There is no need to work with her (she has her own PA) but there is a need to fit with (adapt to) her interactions between her, her father (the client) and her mother (his spouse). [See immediately next...]

Person Specification:
It is the job of the Personal Assistant to assist in most areas of personal care and social support, and to act as escort, assistant and companion in the gentleman’s social and day-to-day activities with a HOLISTIC approach taking account of his family (above).  He does have some awareness and communication abilities. Your role therefore includes helping him by engaging with him and building an understanding together.


A friendly and easy going personality
Patient and calm 
Ability to be firm as required
An appreciation of confidentiality
Good timekeeping skills / punctual
Willingness to be flexible
Current clean full UK driving licence (unless reliable walking distance or public transport)


Previous experience of working with clients with Dementia and an appreciation of autism (the client’s daughter).
  • Meal Preparation
  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Care
  • Support to remain independent
  • Essential PA Guide
  • Safeguarding Adults/Children
  • Moving & Handling
  • Food Hygiene
  • Hand hygiene
  • Dementia care
  • Autism / Aspergers

ONA = Overnight Awake / ONS = Overnight Sleep
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