PA required using BSL to support child with Autism & profound deafness-Leeds Methley £15ph - LEEDS - LS2
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UKCIL Job Reference: 7cf31b68

UKCIL Job Reference: 9aaf66a4

JOB TITLE                  Personal Assistant
HOURS                       4 hours per week flexible to be arranged between us
Rate of Pay                Up to £15 per hour depending on presentation of appropriate qualifications in BSL 
LOCATION                  My own home and in the wider community


I have been my son Xavier’s main carer since he was born. Xavier has been diagnosed with Autism, alongside his profound Deafness. A Personal Assistant (PA) is required to support Xavier in the community to develop his self-image and his independence skills. My son requires one to one support, and the PA will support Xavier to access social activities outside of the family home. This will give Xavier the opportunity to build his social skills and awareness of his surroundings. Xavier can be a very energetic child and has to be looked after every second when outside due to him having very less or no sense of danger and road safety. Xavier can have no sense of danger or awareness.
The PA will support Xavier 4 hours during the weekends mostly as this will give me an opportunity to take his brother to football and other hobbies without Xavier demanding we do what he wishes. Sometimes, the support may be required during a weekday as well- most likely during the half term or after school. The 4 hours weekend support will involve supporting Xavier to do an activity out in the community such as play gym or social gathering for special needs children and other days out. This support will give Xavier an opportunity to build life skills and become more independent, and for Xavier to do things he enjoys independently of his parents.
Xavier will need someone experienced in working with children with Autism as well as being qualified in at least Level Two British Sign Language. Xavier has limited communication and will communicate in basic BSL as well as gestures with PECS.
I will reimburse you for lunch and other additional expenses. 
You must provide me with receipts in order I can reimburse you. 
My personal assistant will be directed by and accountable to me in all aspects of their work.  S/he must always ask what I require and not make assumptions about any aspect of the assistance I need or how it should be carried out. S/he should not carry out tasks unless we have first discussed it.
My personal assistant will be required to do the following tasks and may be asked to carry out other tasks of a similar nature.
      Provide Xavier with complete one-to-one support at home and in wider community
      Support Xavier to develop his awareness of health & safety
      Support Xavier to develop his sense of road safety
      Support Xavier to access activities in the community
      Support Xavier at home and involve in creative activities
      Support Xavier to access social and leisure activities in the community
Any other request that I may reasonably make

  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Care
  • Administrating Medication
  • Social + Leisure activities
  • Support to remain independent
  • Essential PA Guide
  • Safeguarding Adults/Children
  • Moving & Handling
  • Understanding challenging behaviour
  • Food Hygiene
  • Safe Administration of Medicines
  • First Aid
  • Hand hygiene
  • Autism / Aspergers
  • Full UK driving license
  • Own personal car

ONA = Overnight Awake / ONS = Overnight Sleep

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