PA in LS19 for 19 hrs pw for my 29 year old daughter to become more independent. - Leeds - LS19

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I'm Leanne. I am 29 and I currently live in a flat in Horsforth as part of a small supported living community. I am looking to move on from my current living accommodation to live more independently in my own flat. I enjoy going for days out to places like York, Scarborough. I also like to visit places such as Tropical World as well as theme parks. I would like to go to the theatre more to see either shows or  concerts. I would very much like to get back into my Zumba and Yoga which I used to enjoy. I have anxiety issues if I try anything new and need support to overcome this. I have difficulty with numbers which means that I need support with money and time. I am insulin Diabetic so I need help with planning and preparing healthy meals. I need someone who is willing to learn all about Diabetes or who has had Diabetic training. I am looking for a female P.A.

Purpose of the Job

To provide companionship and support to enable Leanne to access new activities and support her to increase her confidence when trying new things.
To help Leanne to develop her independence skills
To help and support Leanne in making healthy meals and choices due to her medical condition.
To help and support Leanne with organising and planning future things to do.
To help and support Leanne in being more assertive and making decisions.
To help and support Leanne in managing her anger/anxiety periods.
To accompany Leanne to appointments if necessary.

Main Duties and activities

Shopping - Making sure that Leanne is not buying things that are not appropriate for her medical condition. Making sure that she is getting the correct change. Shopping within a budget.
Supporting Leanne and accompanying Leanne to events, exercise classes, 
To be a companion on social outings e.g. bowling, cinema, meeting with friends etc.

Essential Requirements

Trustworthy, reliable, friendly and supportive
Patient and understanding and accepting of people's differences
Ability to understand that sometimes Leanne might say she wants to do a certain thing and then change her mind.
Adaptable is a must.
The ability to work flexible hours.
A good timekeeper is essential.
Must be willing to undergo training or must have training in Diabetes this is essential
Must be flexible as Leanne has to attend Doctors and Hospital appointments so times could alter at certain times of the year.
Car driver would be desirable.   

Job Requirements

I require the following services
* Social and Leisure activities
* Support to remain independent, moving forward with living independently in my own property.

I require the following availability
* 19 hours per week, preferably from 10.00 am on a Monday, Thursday from 1.00 pm and Friday from 10.00 but this could alter as Leanne's situation changes. You must be extremely flexible as some of Leanne's appointments would fall on these days and you could be informed of this at short notice.  I am willing for someone to work a minimum of 11 hours per week (thus 2 P.A's would be required) and also to cover for absence and holidays.

I require the following training/skills
* Essential P.A. Guide
* Safeguarding Adults/Children
* First Aid
* Diabetic Training Essential

Ideally you would be on a 6 months trial just to make sure that you are compatible with Leanne. You would be required to assist Leanne to make tea and work until at least 6.00 pm.

Meal Preparation

Domestic Care

Social + Leisure activities

Support to remain independent


Essential PA Guide

Safeguarding Adults/Children

Understanding challenging behaviour

Food Hygiene

First Aid

Hand hygiene


Own personal car


Safe Administration of Medication

Schedule, Pay & Hours
ONA = Overnight Awake / ONS = Overnight Sleep
Weekly Actual
Monthly Actual
Annual Actual
Annual FTE

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