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Job Reference (ac950c40)

Purpose of Job: To assist father look after and support his disabled teenage daughter while he spends time with her at weekends. The advertised role is to provide support when otherwise not available due to the sickness or leave of the regular personal assistant and for additional time father has to see his daughter during the school holidays. In summary, work is for minimum 8.0 hours (term time 10 am to 6.30 pm, school holiday time 10 am to 8 pm), on Saturdays and occasional Sundays, about once or twice every eight weeks (more frequently in school holidays), Meanwood, Leeds).
I am a father of a 14-year old girl who has mild-moderate learning difficulties and some physical difficulties, due to myotonic dystrophy. Because of her occasional incontinence she needs a kind, competent practical assistant to help her keep herself clean but at the same time encourage development of her personal care and hygiene skills. The personal assistant would also help me in enjoyable activities for my daughter outside the house, in the community, and in her development of independence, confidence and social skills. When not directly involved in giving my daughter support the personal assistant could help me practically, e.g. by assistance with meal preparation and light household tasks.
More detail: I am a professional scientist working in Leeds and am looking for a caring, practical and adaptable personal assistant/carer to assist me with providing appropriate essential personal care and support for my disabled daughter, Alisha, while she is with me at weekends, at my house and during outings in the community.
Alisha has a kind friendly fun-loving personality. She loves animals and playing outside, games and TV inside. She suffers from myotonic dystrophy which gives her mild/moderate learning difficulties, some fatigue, and weak muscles resulting in a lack of facial expression, problems with incontinence and, recently, impaired mobility. She can walk short-moderate distances (up to about a mile, sometimes less) but due to foot drop she presently wears splints (ankle-foot orthoses) to help her walk properly. She enjoys activities (e.g. ball games, trampolining) outside in the garden or in local parks (e.g. Meanwood, Roundhay, Otley Riverside parks) and further afield. Recently we have played tennis on public courts together, and I am keen to introduce other supported activities that she enjoys.
I also have myotonic dystrophy but am very mildly affected.
Alisha is generally able to toilet herself but occasionally is “loose” and may have “accidents” due to faecal incontinence. At such times she may need some personal assistance in, or outside the toilet. However, much of the time the personal assistant/carer would have a background supportive role. An interest in extending my daughter’s opportunities to try new activities would be advantageous. I wish to promote her independence and confidence as much as possible, in everyday activities and social skills.

A principle Personal Assistant is presently working for me every week but I need to have other personal assistants on an on-call basis to cover for her absences due to leave and sickness, and cover for additional days that I see my daughter during school holidays. For work at very short notice a premium rate will be paid (currently £15/hour)

Important personal qualities for PA:
Caring, kind
Friendly, empathetic and sensitive
Easy-going and calm
Reliable, diligent and a flexible approach to work
High standards of cleanliness, tidiness, and a pleasant positive personality.
Intelligence and a good general education would be advantageous

Main Duties
Personal Care (essential)
Assistance with leisure activities
Promote independence of daughter
Outdoor activity support
Promote communication skills, confidence and sense of independence while away from her mum
When not directly assisting my daughter, please help me with: 
Some light domestic tasks (occasional)
Food preparation and cooking (occasional)
Help with the garden (optional)

Meal Preparation

Personal Care

Domestic Care

Social + Leisure activities

Support to remain independent


Essential PA Guide


Full UK driving license

Own personal car

Schedule, Pay & Hours
ONA = Overnight Awake / ONS = Overnight Sleep
Weekly Actual
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Annual Actual
Annual FTE

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