*Family looking for PA to support a boy with Autism in LS7 area* - LEEDS - LS7
Job Reference (fe11fe2a)
4 hours per week -  either Tuesday or Wednesday evening, building up to four hours in total. This may be split over two evenings or contained to one, dependent upon needs of child. A degree of flexibility is preferable. To begin with hours are likely to be on Tuesday afternoons, 3pm until 5pm, to increase when child is comfortable in the arrangement
 Applicant must be:

 * Highly skilled in working with anxious young people
 * Knowledgeable with regards to both autism and demand avoidance
 * Patient, kind and willing to learn about the individual needs of this child - particularly with regards to demand avoidance
 * Must be happy to work alongside dogs and other animals
 * Confident and competent in dealing with autistic distress
We require the PA to have a full clean UK driving licence and their own car, and the appropriate business insurance on their vehicle.

 * To establish a trusting relationship with the 12 year old child (initially within the home but with a view to exploring outdoor opportunities and structured activities at a later date) and engage in positive interaction and activities together.
 * Activities will often be child led and could involve; board games, drawing, crafts, baking, animal care, walking in the local woods.
 * Lunchtime food preparation may be required - this will involve working with the child’s likes and dislikes.
 * To ensure the child’s sensory needs are effectively met.
 * To manage any child distress in a calm, positive and safe manner.
 * Assistance with choosing the correct outdoor clothes will be required and some assistance may be required with fine motor control tasks.
 * R is a very intelligent child and would benefit from opportunities to discuss topics of interest to him. An understanding of incidental learning would therefore be advantageous.
Employer will cover the costs of pre-agreed activities such as entrance fees.


* My PA will be directed by and accountable to me, in all aspects of their role. S/he must always respect my child's needs and ask rather than assume, what support R requires. A full induction and training will be given. 

  • Meal Preparation
  • Social + Leisure activities
  • Safeguarding Adults/Children
  • Understanding challenging behaviour
  • Food Hygiene
  • Autism / Aspergers
  • Full UK driving license
  • Own personal car

ONA = Overnight Awake / ONS = Overnight Sleep

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