An enthusiastic PA is required for 4 hours a week to support a 16 year old girl LS10 - LEEDS - LS10

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An enthusiastic and bubbly Personal Assistant (PA) is required for 4 hours a week to support a 16 year old girl with a moderate learning disability and anxiety issues access her favourite activities within the community. Her perfect day out would be to travel on the bus and eat at a café.  My daughter has a keen interest in public transport, in particular bus travel, as is very knowledgeable on the subject. You should therefore be happy to use the bus and support her to do this as part of a routine. An understanding of anxiety issues would be beneficial as you will be required to support her through difficult situations when required. These shifts are likely to take place on a Saturday morning but are flexible to change. 
Initially you will shadow me on shift to ensure that both myself and my daughter are comfortable and confident before taking her out on your own. This will also give you the opportunity to get to know her and learn from me the techniques that are most effective when she is struggling with certain situations. Ideally you will help to build her confidence to the point where she is willing to try new things with your help. 
It is important that you give my daughter choices when asking questions, as she may agree to do things she is unhappy with if asked too directly. It is likely that you will need to prompt her to eat, drink and use the toilet when out and about. It will also help to keep in touch with me regarding your location to help keep both my daughter and me at ease.  
I will reimburse you for activities, however you must provide me with receipts so that I can reimburse you. I will not pay for mileage but will provide you with a bus pass. 
The personal assistant will be directed by and accountable to me in all aspects of their work. He/She must always discuss plans of support and activities prior to doing them so we can approve it. 
The personal assistant must be accountable for completing their own payroll hour’s worksheet and ask I sign it each week to ensure they are paid. 
My personal assistant will be required to do the following tasks and may be asked to carry out other tasks of a similar nature.
·      Provide my daughter with complete one-to-one support in the wider community
·      Engage them in fun and engaging activities. 
·      Enable them to build on her independence skills. 
·      Support them to discover new interests or hobbies. 
·      Remind them to eat, drink and use the toilet regularly 
·      Help them manage challenging situations when required. 
Any other request that I may reasonably make
I ask that any worries or concerns you may have are addressed directly with myself  as soon as possible.  

Social + Leisure activities

Support to remain independent


Safeguarding Adults/Children

Autism / Aspergers


Full UK driving license

Schedule, Pay & Hours
ONA = Overnight Awake / ONS = Overnight Sleep
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